Kwaleö is on a mission

By Rim Berradi

Kwaleö is a niche marketplace for independent labels and designers, selling unique clothing, homeware and art. They provide a curated e-commerce experience focused on individuals' lifestyle, preferences and budget.

Kwaleö champions innovation, creativity and lifestyle. They were born in London but have a global outlook.

Kwaleö literally means ‘seize the day’ in Swahili – They are not here to be small and they are not here to conform to the rules. Kwaleö is about seizing your opportunity and disrupting this stagnant industry.

Our customers are leaders of the pack. They demonstrate an eclectic taste in clothing, design, culture, art and design.

Direct from the designer to your home.

Whether you’re a fashion lover or curious about new pieces from emerging designers, they connect you directly with them all around the world. Every single piece is original and produced by the label, carrying its own unique touch and allows the label to obtain a higher percentage of the sale.

When you shop at Kwaleö you’re shopping pieces from independent brands and designers around the globe, expertly curated for you by the Kwaleö team.

Kwaleö was founded in London in 2015 by entrepreneurs Laurent Antoine-Faboumy and Stuart Megarry. 


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