Woven Stories

By Rim Berradi

Woven Stories

Moroccan culture is a trendy one. Everyone wants to integrate the Moroccan culture into "their" designs, using it as eye candy and conveniently forgetting to give the Moroccan artisans the credit. Yet we still ask why the people of Morocco especially the artisans aren't more well off. Here at Darrim, we aim to give them a voice, we will tell their story because it's a part of our story.

The poster in our Conversation Starter Pack has the famous Beni Ouarain carpets. We put these traditional rugs with minimal weave patterns on our posters to give you more knowledge on the Beni Ourain carpets and the Berber weavers.
Some of the traditional Berber carpets were made by the Beni Ouarain tribes who live in the heart of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The lives of the manufacturers are an integral part of the process. It is often women who weave these carpets, infusing elements of their lives creatively into the patterns. These may be references to natural events or aspects of everyday life. You can see patterns of birth, fertility, nature, and femininity. The symbols weren’t only put on carpets but also on the body and face by tattoo. Below are some of the symbols and their meaning, so you can better understand how they would implement these symbols into their weaves.  
Invite us over and you will receive one of these posters in your package. So the next time you see a black and white carpet with these familiar patterns you will know the true story behind them.



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