By Rim Berradi

Welcome to the DARRIM perspective. To understand a brand one must first understand where its drive comes from, where we pull our inspiration and what keeps our hearts pumping. This is the open thought process that defines our brand.

Our inspiration comes from our values and roots. Rim, the founder and head designer for DARRIM, is a Moroccan designer, born and raised in the USA. Her mother took her to Morocco often to visit family and showed her the history of her people. The Moroccans are a diverse people, versed in international languages and beliefs. So the idea of coexistence was ingrained in her at an early age. Growing up in the US helped Rim to marry knowledge of coexistence and diversity together with her values and beliefs of Islam. This forms Rim’s eye opening perspective on the world and the stories and lessons she learns on her journey through life are the foundation of DARRIM.

As the design process begins, we incorporate symbolism and meaning found in history and inspirational knowledge to convey through our designs. We create insightful pieces and give them a timeless finish to make them a staple in your closet and your mind.

May these words find you in good health and peace, we look forward to your next visit.



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