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Our foundation is built on growth and reflection and each piece plays a part in that narrative. We aim at making every visit at your door step an experience all your senses can remember. From thread to packaging we make it feel like a deep conversation over moroccan mint tea, rather than an online-purchase.
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Kwaleö is a curated online marketplace selling unique products from independent labels and designers. Currently, Kwaleö is carrying our Pre-Fall 17 styles. Get to know them through the link below.



Kwaleö is on a mission

Kwaleö is a niche marketplace for independent labels and designers, selling unique clothing, homeware and art. They provide a curated e-commerce experience focused on individuals' lifestyle, preferences and budget. Kwaleö champions innovation, creativity and lifestyle. They were born in London...

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Woven Stories

      Moroccan culture is a trendy one. Everyone wants to integrate the Moroccan culture into "their" designs, using it as eye candy and conveniently forgetting to give the Moroccan artisans the credit. Yet we still ask why the...

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Welcome to the DARRIM perspective. To understand a brand one must first understand where its drive comes from, where we pull our inspiration and what keeps our hearts pumping. This is the open thought process that defines our brand.Our inspiration...

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